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All current 2022年白菜网址大全 staff/students are automatically members of the 2022年白菜网址大全 libraries.


According to an agreement between Higher Education Institutions in South Africa, 工作人员和大师 & PhD students can obtain membership to other University Libraries in order to access resources not available in their own University libraries. This type of membership to another University Library is only valid till the end of each academic year and must be renewed annually.

  • 完成一个 介绍信 申请表格,并交回有关学科馆长.
  • ensure that you have no overdue items or outstanding fines at 2022年白菜网址大全 Libraries
  • you will be informed as soon as the Letter is ready and a copy of the letter will be sent to the selected library
  • 带着你的信件副本到选定的图书馆
  • 遵守图书馆的所有规章制度


这是通过WAM或OpenAthens管理的. If it is via OpenAthens there will be a note next to the Database title in the 数据库列表

  1. 访问在线图书馆服务/资源 (Online databases, “My 2022年白菜网址大全Link”, 2022年白菜网址大全oogle, Electronic Course Reserves and Interlibrary Loans)
    1. Use your 2022年白菜网址大全 Email password and your 2022年白菜网址大全 username (Staff) or 2022年白菜网址大全 student number (Campus Option)
    2. 使用当前的库选项(i.e. 姓,2022年白菜网址大全 ID & 库销)
  2. 开放雅典访问在线资源 (如在线数据库,2022年白菜网址大全oogle)
    Access online Library services by using your 2022年白菜网址大全 username (Staff) or 2022年白菜网址大全 student number and your 2022年白菜网址大全 Email password.
    有关使用OpenAthens访问的更多信息,请访问这里 OpenAthens指南.


  • 您需要您的2022年白菜网址大全学生/员工卡借书.
  • 研究生(博士和硕士,荣誉,B. Tech. 四年级学生可借阅16本书,借阅期限为30天;
    Post Doctoral students/研究 Fellows may borrow 30 books for 60 days.
  • 的更多信息 on membership types and borrowing privileges, see 贷款服务 问题1:“谁可以借,借多长时间?”


All items from the general collection may be renewed twice if the item has not been placed on hold for/by another client).
Please note: Items from the reserve collection CANNOT be renewed.
商品可通过电话(011 559 2165)、在线(访问 图书馆目录, click on “My 2022年白菜网址大全Link” and follow the prompts) or in person at the Lending desk


You can perform the following services yourself without assistance from the Lending desk staff
– Access class notes or articles placed on the reserved collection
有关详细说明,请访问 贷款自助服务.


If an item shows ‘available’ on the catalogue, but it is not on the shelves:

  • 完成 online “丢失的书”的形式
  • The Library staff will search for the item and place it on hold for you if found.
  • If not found, the item will be indicated as “Missing” on the catalogue.


A service which helps you to obtain items that are not available in the 2022年白菜网址大全 Libraries. These items may be obtained from national or international sources. 的更多信息 see ILL.


A service through which material held by one 2022年白菜网址大全 campus Library is sent to another 2022年白菜网址大全 campus library for your convenience. 的更多信息 see ICL.